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Who we are...

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Creative Media Orange County is a small consulting firm, creative think tank, and unique interactive design team focused on producing high-quality, engaging, informative media to teach, motivate, inspire, and convert. Our developers are experts in creating impactful content for presentations, multimedia projects, technical prototypes, and eLearnings, producing award-winning marketing, training, interactive, and speaker support materials since 1996.

What we do...

Creative Media Consultants

Creative Media's mission is to assist companies in developing ideas for conveying complex or abstract concepts in a manner that engages audience participation through interactivity and animation. These ideas are then realized through the development of insightful, artistically-striking presentation graphics and cutting-edge multimedia, stimulating curiosity, passion, and clarity.

Presentation Graphics


Custom Presentation Design
We work closely with our clients, designing purposeful graphics which combine animation, interactivity, and clear messaging, resulting in compelling presentations.

Speaker Support
Our custom-designed presentations provide speakers with a wealth of performance options and presenter interactions, providing dynamic control over content designed to engage the audience.

Start-up Venture Presentations
New companies can benefit greatly by leveraging strong presentation graphics to communicate their ideas to investors, stakeholders, and target audiences. We provide design and consulting services for start-ups seeking branding, functional prototyping, elevator-pitch development, and financial modeling, assisting early-stage companies with presenting themselves most effectively.

Presentation Prep
Preparing for an important presentation, and want to ensure you make an impact? We work hands-on with presenters, providing performance analysis, guidance, and support.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design

Interactive Development
Our unique brand of custom-designed multimedia provides our clients an effective differentiator for sharing ideas, engaging an audience, or communicating their message. Well-formulated interactivity strengthens brands through its ability to quickly convey complex messages, and by demonstrating forward-thinking technological leadership.

Corporate Game Shows
From trade-shows to kick-off meetings to eLearnings, the custom game shows we design are a fun, effective way to share information and introduce ideas. Stand out from the crowd by leveraging this entertaining way of informing and inspiring your audience

Application Design
We design fully-functional, system-level application software (including notated code and complete documentation). Our multimedia development provides deliverability on multiple platforms, including desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android).

Functional Prototypes
Have an idea, but finding it hard to express? Consider producing a working prototype, to demonstrate your vision as a reality. Our creative developers specialize in leveraging interactive multimedia to make complex ideas easily understandable.

eLearning Development

eLearning Development

Instructional Systems Design
Producing a quality eLearning begins with good design architecture. Our experienced instructional designers work hand-in-hand with product experts, producing thoughtful, detailed development blueprints using fundamental principles of learning design.

Blended Learning
Expressing complex concepts to a diverse audience is challenging. Our developers design content combining live-lecture graphics with interactive, user-driven self-study, resulting in blended training that's individualized, compelling, and meaningful.

Our experienced developers combine art, science, humor, and illustration with interactivity and animation, resulting in the effective communication of concepts, from simple to complex.
Our content is created using state-of-the-art technologies, providing optimal implementation of standards and best practices. If you need to find a multimedia developer, have a presentation designed, or build an eLearning, consider working with Creative Media Orange County to help you get to the next level.

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How to reach us...

You can contact us at:

Creative Media Offices - Exterior

Creative Media's Orange County offices are located at 26632 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 300, in Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
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